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Leah has been involved with golden retrievers since 1989. Her obedience career with her goldens earned her multiple obedience titles including an AKC Utility Dog title. In agility she earned Open Standard and Jumpers titles. Leah started taking dock diving classes at The Canine Ranch when it first opened.

Her biggest dock accomplished was when she adopted Luke at 9-years old and he did not know how to swim. Leah successfully taught him to swim, jump off the dock and became Leaping Luke. In 2015, they competed in Ultimate Air Dogs Championships. In 2016, they competed in the Eukabana NADD Championships and placed 2nd in the veteran’s division.

Currently, Leah has three small dogs (ShihTuz and (2) Malteses) who all swim. She recently started teaching a new “small swimmers” dock class. She realized clients with small dogs wanted their dogs to be safe around water. Whether it be for swimming in a pool, boating, and some even enjoy canoeing, dogs needed to be safe in the water. In class, dogs are probably fitted with a life jacket, learn to swim and spend time in a raft teaching them to jump into the pool.

Leah’s most recent student has a fox terrier, JonJon. He went from never jumping off the dock, to competing in dock diving events and ending the year with an invitation to 2018 Eukabana NADD Championships and placed within the top 10.

Leah is one of the dock diving instructors at The Canine Ranch. She enjoys teaching clients how to keep their dogs safe in the pool, building confident swimmers and achieving their goals on the dock. She supports her students at local events and will even show up to cheer them on. Come join the fun this year rocking the dock.